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Speaker 1: And for the new year, with some 24 karat magic in the air, gold intervention that's being offered at a Philadelphia medical spot.

Speaker 2: Reporter Steph Stahl explains how it works. Steph Stahl: Janet Gunard would like to start the new year with a glow.

Janet: I want my skin to look more lively, dewy, fresh, and a little younger.

Steph Stahl: At 46, Janet says she's starting to see the early signs of aging, which she hopes to fight with something called the Aqua Gold Facial at Philadelphia's Body and Beauty Lab.

Speaker 5: I mixed up a special recipe for you, it's cocktail hour today, right? So I have your special cocktail.

Steph Stahl: The cocktail is a customized blend of wrinkle zappers, including Botox and a filler like Juvederm or growth factors, that are injected with tiny 24 karat gold needles.

Speaker 5: It causes The skin to look more fresh and radiant.

Steph Stahl: This is the next generation of micro needling, where tiny pin pricks improve skin texture. This has the added benefits of Botox and filler to plump and smooth skin, delivered with gold needles to reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Speaker 5: Gold, in history, has been around forever. So, Cleopatra used to put gold mask on her face every night. She thought that it helped her skin become more vibrant and glowing.

Steph Stahl: During the Aqua Gold Therapy, the medication infused needles are gently pressed into just the top layer of the skin. A numbing cream used before the procedure, reduces any discomfort.

Janet: It does not hurt. It feels like a cleaning pinch.

Steph Stahl: The Aqua Gold treatment doesn't go as deep as traditional cosmetic injections, so there's no bruising or swelling.

Korin Korman: And it creates this beautiful glow, and it has a wonderful effect, almost like an airbrushing effect. So it's wonderful for fine lines, for wrinkles, it's great for acne scars, wonderful for pore size.

Steph Stahl: Korin Korman, the president of the Body and Beauty Lab says, the Aqua Gold treatments that cost $550 are especially popular after the holiday season.

Korin Korman: It's a total rejuvenation for your skin.

Steph Stahl: These before and after photos show results from Aqua Gold treatments.

Janet: When I look good, I feel good.

Steph Stahl: For Janet, it's that simple. Stephanie Stahl, CBS3 eyewitness news.

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Speaker 2: All right.

Speaker 1: A little lotion-

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