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MOXI™ Skin Rejuvenation in Philadelphia, PA

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What is MOXI?

MOXI is a non-ablative fractional laser treatment offered at Body+Beauty Lab that targets and destroys skin imperfections on the face and body. By creating tiny micro-injuries, the MOXI handheld device, by Sciton®, prompts the body’s natural healing process, which is known for improving the clarity of the skin, as well as tone and texture. For more information on this state-of-the-art treatment, contact our team in either Philadelphia or Radnor, PA.

What Are The Benefits Of MOXI Skin Rejuvenation?

MOXI skin rejuvenation treatments at Body+Beauty Lab offer wide-ranging benefits to refresh and revitalize your skin, including:

  • Safe and effective for all skin types
  • Reduces wrinkles, lines, and signs of aging
  • Diminishes skin imperfections, discoloration, spots, and more
  • Activates the skin’s natural healing powers
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Brightens the complexion
  • A quick, easy, comfortable procedure
  • Little to no downtime

I finally made the decision to treat myself to laser treatment to help reduce my sun damage, hyperpigmentation and hopefully erase two years of sleepless nights as new mom. I was introduced to Lua by Jennifer Romania who is an injector at Body Beauty (she is amazing - you need to book with her!). Lua is experienced in treating ethnic skin tones and textures. My skin is sensitive, dry and oily, very complicated to say the least. She provided an in-depth analysis of my skin and recommended Moxi laser treatment. Lua ensured I was comfortable through out the entire treatment and made sure my skin was fully protected before I left. She reached out daily for the next week to check in and answered any questions or concerns I had with post-procedural care. A week later my skin is transformative! The texture is so soft and smooth and the glow 🙌🏼!!! I am obsessed with the results from Moxi! Booked my next Moxi treatment with Lua already! Can not wait to come back to Body Beauty!

J.L. Google

Judy Kim is an excellent esthetician. She’s professional, very knowledgeable and a good listener. I’m always comfortable with whatever services she recommends. I’m definitely seeing improvement in my skin. I highly recommend Judy for whatever skin care you may need 👍

J.K. Google

Im writing a review for body and beauty lab but more specifically for Lua Padova! I have been to likely 7 different dermatologists, have spent insane amounts of money on product both prescription and otherwise and nothing has fixed my skin. I’ve struggled with acne for my entire life and this is the first time that I’ve ever had consistently clear skin and that’s thanks to Lua!! Not only is she hilarious and a delight to see for my appointments but she really understood what my skin needed. The products she suggested have not only eliminated my acne but also evened my skin tone and helped with my fine lines! I had never really done much outside of traditional facials but she talked me into the Moxy laser facial and my gosh LIFE CHANGING! Acne scars eliminated! Trust this woman with your life… I mean skin! Hahaha Thanks Lua and body and beauty lab <3

R.G. Google

Phenomenal experience with Lua! Body beauty lab is super clean and gorgeous. The staff is so knowledgeable on skincare and what treatments are best for you skin type. At my consultation Lua had me do a Visia scan to analyze my skin type and age. Then she made sure to explain Al options for my skin type and we decided that the Moxi treatment would be best for me. She went over the whole process and the science behind the treatment before. During the treatment I was made comfortable and relaxed. My whole experience was absolutely amazing and the staff was great.

B.D. Google

While I expected a great facial treatment during my first appointment at Body and Beauty lab, what I got was so much more..Lua, my esthetician, really addressed all of my skin issues and walked me through what the treatment would feel like step by step.. how it would feel on my skin.. and what to expect.. the Moxi treatment and all that she did made my skin look incredible!!! I have battled melasma (dark spots) ever sense being pregnant - (over 10 years) tried every lightening treatment and serum and treatment- after my session with Lua it was amazing my spots were so much lighter and some were gone like magic!… my skin texture is smoother- clearer and brighter! Can’t wait for my next session THANK YOU!

E.M. Google


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Am I An Ideal Candidate for MOXI?

One of the great things about MOXI is that it can work with all skin types. If you are looking to prevent signs of aging or want to reduce sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or age spots, this could be a wonderful treatment option. During a one-on-one consultation with our team, we can help you understand how this treatment can help you reach your skin goals.

How Does MOXI Work?

MOXI is a popular skin rejuvenation procedure because it’s relatively quick and virtually painless. While numbing cream is not often necessary, it’s available upon request. We’ll start by cleansing your treatment areas, then will begin your treatment. As we pass the handheld device over your skin, we’ll work in small sections to provide optimal results. You may feel a heated or snapping sensation during your treatment, but this usually doesn't cause discomfort. While you may experience stunning results after your first session, we can suggest a follow-up treatment plan to help you maintain your results. In time, you’ll notice that your skin is smoother, clearer, and has a natural glow to it.

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What Can I Expect After MOXI Treatments?

After your MOXI treatment in Philadelphia or Radnor, PA, you can get right back to your everyday activities. You might experience some redness, tingling, or dryness, but this is perfectly normal and will subside rather quickly. You can expect your skin to peel for about 3 – 5 days following your treatment. This is natural and allows healthier skin to grow in its place.

Create a Youthful Appearance with MOXI

If you're noticing signs of aging and skin imperfections such as lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, and more, MOXI treatments at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia or Radnor, PA, may be just what you need. This skin revitalizing procedure can help provide a youthful appearance by creating smoother, firmer skin and a glowing complexion. For more information, reach out to our team today.

How long do MOXI sessions last?

The length of your treatment depends on the areas being treated, but most treatments last between 15 – 30 minutes.

How long will my results last?

You can expect your skin rejuvenation results to last up to a year.

How many sessions do I need?

You will likely see results after just one session. However, we typically suggest 3 – 4 sessions about a month apart, depending on your particular needs.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.