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BroadBand Light™ in Philadelphia, PA

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What is BroadBrand Light?

BroadBrand Light (BBL) is an advanced technology by Sciton that is used to perform intense pulsed light therapy. Offered at Body+Beauty Lab, this noninvasive treatment is utilized to help individuals in and around Philadelphia, PA, revitalize their skin. BBL treatments include:

  • Photo Facial BBL: Performed to smooth the skin while improving tone, texture, and skin imperfections
  • Corrective BBL: Performed to restore and repair skin that has been damaged by the sun
  • Forever Young BBL: Performed to reduce signs of again, such as lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin

What are the benefits of BroadBand Light?

There are many benefits of broadband light, including:

  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Treatment of pigmentation, sun damage, and other skin imperfections
  • Quick and effective treatments
  • Customized treatment options
  • Initial results that can become visible in around two weeks following treatment

I was hesitant to write this review because Robby at Body+Beauty Lab is my best kept secret. I've had two treatments with Robby so far. The first one was micro needling and the second, just recently, was a BBL Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation. I'm more beautiful after each time I see him. I'm sure all his clients are. But there is more to Robby than just his amazing esthetician skills and med spa knowledge. I felt like he was one of my BFF's within minutes of meeting him. He is the funniest and sweetest guy and I have a great time even if he's poking micro needles into my skin or zapping me with light. I don't feel a thing because I'm so entertained and also because Robby knows what he's doing. I can't wait to go back!

M.R. Google

While I expected a great facial treatment during my first appointment at Body and Beauty lab, what I got was so much more..Lua, my esthetician, really addressed all of my skin issues and walked me through what the treatment would feel like step by step.. how it would feel on my skin.. and what to expect.. the Moxi treatment and all that she did made my skin look incredible!!! I have battled melasma (dark spots) ever sense being pregnant - (over 10 years) tried every lightening treatment and serum and treatment- after my session with Lua it was amazing my spots were so much lighter and some were gone like magic!… my skin texture is smoother- clearer and brighter! Can’t wait for my next session THANK YOU!

E.M. Google

I’ve now had 3 BBL treatments and a Hydrofacial with Judy and my skin has never looked better! She took the time to explain my treatment options to improve my skin and has always been kind and professional. Also 5 stars for overall cleanliness of the entire office. Definitely recommend!

A.S. Google


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Am I A Candidate for BroadBand Light?

BBL works for a variety of skin types and could be a great option if you're looking to reduce signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles, age spots, and other skin irregularities such as sun spots and more. If you're interested in rejuvenating your skin but aren't sure if this is the right procedure for you, our doctors in Philadelphia, PA, can help you decide if this or another one of our nonsurgical treatment options would be a good fit.

What Can I Expect from BBL?

BBL is a gentle treatment that often can be performed without numbing cream. However, it is available upon request. We'll start your treatment by cleansing the areas of treatment. From there, we'll apply a cool gel to your skin, then pass the handheld BBL device over your skin. As the light is projected onto your skin, you may experience a very slight stinging sensation. As the light passes over your skin, it stimulates collagen and elastin growth, which will help reduce signs of aging and skin imperfections. Generally, each session lasts between 20 – 30 minutes, after which you can return to your everyday activities.

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What Can I Expect After BBL?

After your BBL in Philadelphia , PA, you can expect your skin to be slightly red or tingly. This is normal and will subside in a few hours. In time, you can expect that your skin will start to peel and flake off over the next week or so. This will help remove dead or damaged skin cells while preparing for healthy, new skin. Depending on your expected results, we'll discuss follow-up treatments with you. Once your healing is complete, you can expect smooth, firm, glowing skin.

BroadBand Light in Philidelphia, PA

BroadBand Light in Philadelphia, PA is a great treatment option for individuals who are looking to revitalize their skin. Used to treat normal signs of aging and skin imperfections, BBL can help patients create a youthful appearance while reducing lines and wrinkles, eliminating sun damage or age spots, and helping to create firm, glowing skin. For more information about this advanced technology, contact Body+Beauty Lab today.

Is there downtime after BBL?

After your BBL treatment, you can get right back to your normal activities. However, you should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

How much does BBL cost?

We should be able to estimate your costs in your initial consultation once your BBL plan has been created. BBL costs will be based on what area(s) you are having treated, the treatment area(s) size, and the number of appointments you need. Once we evaluate your skin's health and listen to your concerns, our team will work with you to create your BBL plan. Body+Beauty Lab frequently offers specials on treatments like BBL — so watch our website or ask about our current deals during your appointment.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of BBL sessions needed will be estimated in your consultation once we assess your skin. Typically, patients achieve their complexion goals after three appointments. Although, if you have serious sun damage, discoloration, or pigmentation, you might require more treatments. In your consultation, we will listen to your goals and develop your custom treatment plan. Your treatments will be scheduled about one month apart to allow your skin to heal.

What areas can be treated with BBL?

Almost all areas of skin may be improved with BBL, although some of the most commonly treated areas are the face, chest, hands, neck, shoulders, and upper back. These are the areas that typically have the most damage since they are regularly in the sun. The hands and face are also most often affected by lifestyle and natural aging, so treating these areas may help improve your total appearance. In your initial consultation, tell us about all your concerns so we can develop your ideal BBL plan.

How is BBL different from other lasers?

Made by Sciton, the innovative BroadBand Light is an advanced IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment. The dual lamps and wide range of energy wavelengths allow us to adjust your BBL treatment for your needs and goals. With different energies, BBL can improve brown and red lesions, plus dark and light spots, without affecting the areas of skin and tissue nearby. Effective and safe, BBL can give you a rejuvenated complexion faster compared to many other laser skin treatments.

Is BBL safe for all skin tones?

The energy wavelengths in a BroadBand light treatment can be adjusted for each patient's unique needs, so BBL is safe for all skin tones. To get your best results, we recommend you avoid UV (ultraviolet) light exposure (both natural sunlight and tanning beds ) for at least 10 – 14 days before your appointment. Tanned skin has higher levels of pigment (melanin), which can absorb the energy and impact your outcome. The treated areas will be extra sensitive to UV exposure, so you should not use tanning beds and limit sun exposure throughout your treatment and for a minimum of 10 – 14 days following your last appointment.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.