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About IPL

If you feel bothered by the look of your skin due to dark spots or sun damage, receive a skin consultation at our Philadelphia, PA office, Body+Beauty Lab, to determine if you could benefit from IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy. A photofacial with IPL is a treatment that rejuvenates the skin for women and men who experience problems with hyperpigmentation on their neck and face. Although a photofacial is a noninvasive process, this treatment can be incredibly effective and lead to stunning outcomes. Our experienced team of estheticians uses intense pulses of light energy that warm the skin cells, which then sets off the natural healing process and increases your body's natural production of collagen. As the added nutrients take effect, you will begin to notice a healthier complexion and glow, as well as improved skin tone and fewer pigmentation spots. 

Ideal Candidates

An IPL photofacial reaches the deeper layers of your skin to treat several complexion issues, particularly brown lesions and sun spots. Because this treatment is noninvasive, minimal or no recovery time is needed. Ideal candidates for an IPL photofacial at Body+Beauty Lab are those who experience several problems with their complexion, such as rosacea, sun damage, brown spots (hyperpigmentation), rough texture, visible pores, redness, freckles, sun and age spots, or spider veins. At your consultation, your trained esthetician will examine your complexion to determine if your skin could benefit from an IPL photofacial.

I have been going here for a year and a half and could not be happier. The staff is so knowledgeable and they truly care for their clients. I did a lot of research before booking my first appointment because doing anything to your face that could change the appearance isn’t something to take lightly. They take the time to understand your skin and goals and will advise you on the best options. I always look forward to coming here! I’d highly recommend Sarah as an injector and Sandra for laser treatments.

J.R. Google

Im writing a review for body and beauty lab but more specifically for Lua Padova! I have been to likely 7 different dermatologists, have spent insane amounts of money on product both prescription and otherwise and nothing has fixed my skin. I’ve struggled with acne for my entire life and this is the first time that I’ve ever had consistently clear skin and that’s thanks to Lua!! Not only is she hilarious and a delight to see for my appointments but she really understood what my skin needed. The products she suggested have not only eliminated my acne but also evened my skin tone and helped with my fine lines! I had never really done much outside of traditional facials but she talked me into the Moxy laser facial and my gosh LIFE CHANGING! Acne scars eliminated! Trust this woman with your life… I mean skin! Hahaha Thanks Lua and body and beauty lab <3

R.G. Google

Go to Body and Beauty Lab whether it be for a Moxi, or a hydra facial ask for Lua !!!! She is amazing, precise, thorough and makes you feel sooo relaxed-which as anyone has gotten any type of laser treatment knows is no small feet !

A.M. Yelp

This review is for Lua, who gave me a wonderful derma planing facial today and some much-needed knowledge about Morpheus. I already loved this place because I get my injections from Jacqueline (who I've written a review about the past) but it's so nice to know I can get all my skin and beauty needs done at one place now! Looking forward to next month's facial and the Morpheus procedure. Thank you BBL!

J.R. Google

I see both Judy Kim for skincare needs and Jacqueline for injectables. Judy is so great and treated me 3 times with Moxi laser for my light melasma and has also given me a hydrafacial after the pigmentation flakes off. Just is so attentive and treats every part of my face individually and even had me come back for touches up when we didn’t see a huge improvement in certain areas. Jacqueline is one of the best injectors I’ve EVER seen and I’ve been to 5 different med spas over the years. She treats me like an individual patient not based on my age. I appreciate her honesty and approach so much I value everything she says and she will never over treat you but I love how she gives you options on everything you could do as well and does it kindly!

J.G. Google


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Procedure Technique

If no other treatments are being performed, our standard IPL photofacials are completed in one of the minor procedure rooms at our Philadelphia, PA office in around 20 – 30 minutes. To prepare for the IPL photofacial, your esthetician will wash and dry your skin before protecting your eyes with shields. The handheld wand of the Syneron Candela will be passed over your skin as it emits laser energy pulses. While many patients may experience mild discomfort throughout the photofacial, this is usually bearable given the short length of the session.

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What to Expect

There is typically no recovery period needed with an IPL photofacial treatment, but you may leave our office with your skin somewhat red and swollen. This will go away naturally in about a day and can be masked with cosmetics if you would like to conceal the effects. Body+Beauty Lab recommends that clients use a cream on the skin to minimize any irritation and promote quick, safe healing. It may also help to use an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine to help decrease swelling. After 2 – 5 days, the irregularities under the skin will rise to the surface skin layers and then begin to flake away. It's necessary to protect your skin with sunscreen as often as possible after an IPL photofacial treatment and to not pick at your skin while it heals. Although you will have visible improvements after your first treatment, your complexion will achieve its ideal results after multiple photofacial treatment sessions. We usually suggest that clients get 3 – 6 sessions scheduled once monthly at Body+Beauty Lab to maintain their results.

Get Your Glow Back

Even if you didn't think much about the health of your complexion when you had clear skin, once skin damage (including hyperpigmentation and other irregularities) sets in, you may want to start receiving treatments to address these issues. We encourage you to learn more about photofacial treatments by contacting our Philadelphia, office and scheduling a skin assessment appointment with a member of our skilled team. With photofacial treatments at Body+Beauty Lab, we can reach even the deeper layers of your damaged skin to help create a youthful glow and a smooth complexion.

How much does IPL cost?

Your skin is entirely unique to you so your cost for IPL treatments will vary, depending on your goals. Body+Beauty Lab sometimes offers special deals, and we accept several payment methods. During your initial consultation, your esthetician will be able to estimate costs and recommend how many sessions are needed to suit your needs and goals. Ask about our VIP membership program and learn about all of the wonderful deals and discounts this exclusive membership can provide for you.

How quick are the results from IPL?

Visible improvements can be seen following one IPL treatment, but final results develop around one month after your last treatment. It is normal for you to see different responses following every session. You will notice fading of blotchiness, redness, and spots (age, brown, and sun spots).

What are the possible side effects of IPL?

It's common to experience mild, temporary side effects, like redness, swelling, bruising, blisters, or crusting. These should go away on their own in about 2 – 3 days following your treatment. Your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun and damaging UV rays can impact your results so we recommend using sunscreen to avoid damage, like spots and redness.

Do I need to prepare for IPL?

To prepare for an IPL treatment, patients are asked to cease sun exposure and self-tanners for 2 – 4 weeks before their appointment. You might need to stop using certain medications and topical creams (like Retin-A) a few days before your procedure. You may also want to take ibuprofen or aspirin 5 – 7 days before your appointment to reduce inflammation, which can lower your chance of bruising. It's also important to make use of sun protection, like a hat and sunscreen.

Why should I get multiple IPL sessions?

We recommend getting a series of IPL treatments to produce greater, natural-looking improvements to your complexion and maintain them over time. Every treatment will reduce the presence of spots and other surface irregularities, enhancing the skin you walked in with previously.

Pre and Post Care Instructions
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