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About Microneedling

If over-the-counter skin treatments aren't very effective, but you don't want to go through the time and trouble associated with a surgical procedure, we recommend clients to give minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedures a try. Our team of experienced estheticians is happy to perform microneedling (collagen induction therapy) at our office in Philadelphia, PA. Done with the advanced SkinPen®, this treatment uses multiple fine needles to safely create micro-injuries into the skin. These micro-injuries then prompt your body's natural production of elastin and collagen, two nutrients that work together to increase the overall health and appearance of your complexion. Often performed with other treatments, such as vitamin serums, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), microneedling can help minimize stretch marks, scars, and pores. Schedule an appointment for a consultation at Body+Beauty Lab to receive a personalized treatment plan for your skin concerns and goals and learn more about the wonders that microneedling can do on your skin.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

Drugstore treatments and serums only address the surface of your skin, but microneedling actually penetrates the tissue to stimulate new collagen production. This results in a firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking complexion. In addition to improving your overall appearance, microneedling can also:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and lift sagging skin
  • Even out skin tone
  • Brighten dull skin
  • Diminish acne scars and stretch marks
  • Minimize enlarged pores

Microneeding can be done as a stand-alone treatment, but it is often combined with other therapies for optimal results. PRP and PRF treatments, for example, can make microneedling even more effective.

I love this place. Had sessions of micro-needling and body-peeling with Judy and the experiences was great. She took time to explain the procedure and follow-up after the treatment. Not to mention how my skin is glowing after!!!

A.N. Google

I had a few rounds of micro needling and love the results. My go to esthetician is Judy because she knows how to treat a variety of skin types and those with hyperpigmentation! I loved my experience and will go back soon for more treatments!!

L.O. Google

I've been coming here for all my facial needs; I got micro-needling and hydrafacial done with Judy, and she's the best! I love that she follows up with me every time after my treatment, asking about how I feel. I cannot recommend her and this place enough.

N.R. Google

I love this place! From the warm welcoming front desk, beautiful rooms and top notch services, this is going to be my go to place. I recently saw Lisa who recommended Prf, I am so happy with the results. At 57, I am new to these services and Lisa taking the time to evaluate what would be best for me, made me “firm” 😜 believer.

B.R. Google

Judy is amazing!!! Extremely knowledgeable and well versed in many treatments. She made sure to give the numbing cream plenty of time to take affect, so I would be comfortable during my micro needing treatment. I plan on having more treatments with her.

A.D. Google


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Ideal Candidates

You could be a candidate to receive microneedling treatments if you experience light or mild complexion problems, like a decrease in firmness or uneven skin texture. Collagen induction therapy procedures may also improve the look of stretch marks, scars, and pores. If you chose this treatment, you need to be patient. The full benefits from your microneedling procedure will take time to fully develop. This is because the boost of elastin and collagen production requires a month or longer to make an impact on your complexion. Despite this, you will see results that look natural, and you will gain healthier and stronger skin.

Procedure Technique

Collagen induction therapy with microneedling is done in one of our office procedure rooms in around 30 – 60 minutes. Although patients typically experience little to no discomfort, a numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area if you're concerned about pain. The areas of skin being addressed will be cleaned before the handpiece is evenly passed over. Once the microneedling process with the SkinPen is complete, a treatment, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), PRF (platelet-rich fibrin), or a serum with a vitamin infusion, may be applied so the nutrients can penetrate deeper into the skin. A moisturizer selected for your skin type will be massaged in along with sun protection since the affected skin will be more sensitive following your session.

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What to Expect

Following the procedure, you might develop light redness and swelling for about a day; however, this should resolve on its own. It can take around 1 – 2 months as the elastin and collagen supply increases until you begin to notice significant changes in the appearance and health of your treated skin. You should schedule around 4 – 6 follow-up sessions performed every 4 – 6 weeks for your best outcomes and to reap the long-term skin benefits.

Natural Health and Radiance

Enhance the appearance and health of your complexion with microneedling therapy sessions at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA. A nonsurgical procedure that can produce significant improvements and pairs easily with other rejuvenation treatments, microneedling prompts your body's natural collagen production to create firmer, smoother skin. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced estheticians to get more information about this procedure and complementary skin revitalizing options.

How much does microneedling cost?

Costs for microneedling will depend on your personalized treatment plan. During your consultation, an esthetician will evaluate your skin and create a customized program to suit your concerns and condition. Once this is done, we will review your treatment costs and the procedure process. Body+Beauty Lab frequently has discounts on treatment packages so ask about our current deals at your appointment, or ask about our VIP membership program for exclusive access to special offers.

What exactly is microneedling?

Collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, is a minimally invasive procedure that improves the health of your skin. A natural fibrous protein, collagen helps your skin stay smooth, supple, and firm. As you get older, your supply of collagen is reduced, which leads your skin to become thin and less elastic over time. Microneedling causes tiny skin wounds. These micro-injuries force your skin to generate new skin cell growth and increase collagen production. After a short recovery period, your complexion will appear healthier, firmer, and brighter.

Can I combine other treatments with microneedling?

In the process of microneedling, channels are created to help other treatments reach the lower layers of your skin. This is why microneedling is a fantastic procedure to combine with other skin treatments, such as special serums, PRF (platelet-rich fibrin), or PRP (platelet-rich plasma). During your initial consultation, a member of our team will go over which treatments would enhance your procedure and which will benefit your skin's overall appearance and health.

How many treatments are recommended for optimal results?

Usually, patients need 3 – 6 treatments to see optimal results. Although, the number of sessions you require will vary, depending on your goals and the condition of your skin. Microneedling may be done every 4 – 6 weeks. During your initial consultation, a member of our team will determine the number of sessions you'll require after assessing your skin and understanding your goals. When you have achieved your ideal look, we suggest scheduling touch-up sessions twice a year.

Is microneedling safe for everyone?

On the whole, this treatment is appropriate for all skin tones and types. Skin injuries created by microneedling are so minor, there are usually no side effects afterward. It can be performed on most skin areas, including the arms, face, neck, chest, thighs, and calves. This procedure isn't recommended if you've been on Accutane in the last few months or if you have herpes simplex, an open wound, or an active skin infection. You may also not qualify for microneedling if you're nursing, pregnant, or receiving radiation therapy.

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