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What is Juvéderm?

Due to advances in skin rejuvenation products and techniques, you can now eliminate visible signs of aging with the JUVÉDERM family of injectable dermal fillers. From treating wrinkles and lines to creating lips that are full and plump, JUVÉDERM injectable treatments at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA, can accomplish many cosmetic enhancements and provide wonderful results that look natural and fresh. JUVÉDERM treatments may be performed with only one formula, multiple formulas, or along with other noninvasive procedures to achieve your needs and cosmetic goals. JUVÉDERM dermal fillers are formulated with synthetic HA (hyaluronic acid) that are meant to increase your natural levels of collagen and HA for healthy, supple skin. Talk to your experienced medical injector during your consultation about refreshing your complexion without the recovery time and expense of plastic surgery with the JUVÉDERM collection of injectable dermal treatments.

  • JUVÉDERM VOLLURE and XC fill medium or deep wrinkles and lines throughout the face, like nasolabial folds and other lines around the nose and mouth. The results are visible for about a year on average.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA and Ultra XC add shape to the lower lip, upper lip, or the entire mouth while also correcting the look of fine, vertical lines in the lips. The improvements usually can be seen for up to a year.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA augments the contour of the cheeks to treat volume loss in the mid-face.
  • JUVÉDERM SKINVIVE® is the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) microdroplet injectable in the US to improve skin smoothness of the cheeks. This product increases hydration to improve skin smoothness and provide a lasting glow for up to 6 months with optimal treatment.  Also, in a clinical study, patients treated with SKINVIVE™  reported higher satisfaction with how glowing, hydrated, refreshed, and healthy their skin looked

What are the benefits of Juvéderm?

There are many benefits to JUVÉDERM cosmetic injections, including:

  • Restored volume to areas of the face
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Results that can last anywhere from six months to one year
  • Customizable treatments for optimal results
  • Stimulation of collagen production within the skin


If lines and creases around your mouth bother you and make you look older, JUVÉDERM can also be used to address these concerns. Sometimes called smile lines or laugh lines, these dynamic wrinkles can be particularly difficult to conceal. But with the diverse family of JUVÉDERM fillers, our team at Body+Beauty Lab can fill in these lines and improve the way you look and feel. At a consultation in our Philadelphia, PA office, a member of our team will meet with you to assess your skin and understand your unique needs.

Naomi is fantastic! My skin has never looked better. She really takes time to understand your skin.

K.M. Google

I’ve been to over a dozen med spas and injectors in the Philly area and after years of searching….THIS IS THE SPOT. I don’t say this often or lightly because I am a perfectionist and have a habit of not liking my final result…but Jacqueline is an amazing talented injector. She is clearly knowledgeable with the structure of the face and just GETS what looks good. She not only fixed what a previous injector failed to do correctly, but she also gave me the results I have been striving for for YEARS that I simply lost hope on. It’s so important to go to a qualified injector…I’m so relieved I found my place and person, can’t recommend enough.

S.R. Google

Jacqueline is the best provider! She is extremely thorough and always provides excellent results. Highly recommend going to her!

S.C. Google

Go see Mary! She was great very informative and helpful throughout the visit. Made me feel comfortable when I was a bit nervous. Would definitely recommend her and go back for Botox and filler!

J.P. Google

Naomi is amazing. She pays attention to detail. I always know my skin will look great after.

K.M. Google


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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Juvéderm?

The best candidates for JUVÉDERM injectable treatments are adults who have lines and wrinkles throughout their face that they would like to address. This versatile product can also be beneficial if you have age-related volume loss or naturally thin lips and cheeks. JUVÉDERM wrinkle filler injections at Body+Beauty Lab are ideal if you would like to rejuvenate your appearance while avoiding the expense and recovery of cosmetic surgery (like eyelid lifts, brow lifts, facelifts, or facial implants). This treatment can be combined with other nonsurgical skin rejuvenation services or injectables to create an all-around youthful appearance. Because JUVÉDERM has several formulations that serve different purposes, this family of injectables can be effective for a range of concerns.

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How does Juvéderm work?

JUVÉDERM treatments commonly only last around 15 – 30 minutes, depending on which areas are being corrected. Your skin will be cleaned, and the injection sites will be selected. To reduce discomfort throughout the process, JUVÉDERM dermal fillers contain a local anesthetic. Following your procedure, you will be allowed to resume your daily routine; however, strenuous activity, including exercise, should be skipped for at least a day. You need to be cautious to not put your hands on your face immediately after your treatment to prevent massaging the gel into other areas, which could result in an undesired outcome.

What can i Expect after Juvéderm?

You will typically see a visible enhancement immediately following your JUVÉDERM procedure, but you may also develop light bruising or swelling in the injected areas of the face for approximately 7 – 10 days. The results of JUVÉDERM dermal fillers typically are visible for as long as a year. In fact, several patients notice that their improvements start to last even longer after multiple years of injections because the formula is designed to increase your body's natural HA (hyaluronic acid). Ask your injector when the right time will be to schedule your next JUVÉDERM session at Body+Beauty Lab to maintain your results.

How much does JUVÉDERM cost?

The cost for your JUVÉDERM injections will be dependent on the amount of filler that is needed to achieve your cosmetic goals, as well as the particular formulation required for your needs. Before your JUVÉDERM injections are administered, a personalized injection plan will be created to match your goals. Once this is done, your injector will estimate your costs and discuss payment options. We encourage patients to ask about our VIP membership program, which entitles members to receive exclusive deals and discounts on select treatments.

Are JUVÉDERM injections painful?

Although many patients don't think it's needed, a numbing cream can be massaged into the treatment site before injection if you're concerned about discomfort. After the injection, you might feel mild to moderate bruising and swelling that should be gone after 5 – 7 days. Please contact Body+Beauty Lab if you have any severe discomfort or signs of infection following your injection.

What is the difference between a wrinkle filler and relaxer?

Injectable relaxers and fillers both work to improve wrinkles throughout the face but with different approaches. Injectable wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX, correct dynamic wrinkles created by repetitive muscle movements by limiting their mobility while JUVÉDERM is an injectable dermal filler that improves static wrinkles by increasing volume in the lined area. JUVÉDERM is designed to correct mild to moderate lines and wrinkles or to reverse volume loss in your cheeks and lips.

What results can I expect?

You may need to wait 1 – 3 days to notice the full improvements created from your injections. Generally, it takes only one appointment to reach your goals. However, you may make a second appointment if you want to intensify your results.

How long do results typically last?

Your results from a JUVÉDERM injection may last from 1 – 2 years. This can vary, depending on which formula is selected and the injection site(s). The length of your results will be faster or slower, depending on the speed at which your body absorbs the product.

Pre and Post Care Instructions
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To get back your youthful, line-free complexion, schedule an appointment and ask about JUVÉDERM treatments at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA, PA. Each of the JUVÉDERM formulas is created to treat the most common signs of aging. The experienced medical injectors on our team will develop a custom treatment plan to fit your cosmetic needs and goals.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.