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What is Dysport?

Our experienced team of medical injectors proudly offer our Philadelphia, PA clients several nonsurgical options for rejuvenating the skin, including wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers. One of these is Dysport, an injectable wrinkle relaxer that acts like BOTOX to soften and reduce dynamic wrinkles and lines throughout the face. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by reiterated facial expressions and movements (like smiling, laughing, and frowning) that when repeated over several decades, make the muscles of the face taut. This causes the skin over the muscle to have a grooved line that can be seen even when the face is resting. Dysport was specifically developed to correct the most frequently occurring dynamic wrinkles: the vertical lines between the eyebrows, also known as frown lines. This formula temporarily blocks signals to the treated muscle so the line is smooth and produces natural-looking results that don't make your face appear frozen. To learn more about Dysport wrinkle relaxer injections at Body+Beauty Lab, schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our talented medical injectors.

What are the benefits of Dysport?

The various benefits of Dysport include:

  • The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while preserving facial movement
  • Results lasting 3 – 4 months
  • No downtime following treatment
  • Optimal outcomes without the need for a more invasive treatment
  • Prevention of future wrinkles and fine lines
  • Personalized treatment options

I highly recommend Anya at Body + Beauty Lab! She was incredibly thorough during my first visit, making me feel very comfortable, explaining all of my options and answering my questions. Look no further and if you’re on the fence, go!

S.D. Google

Mary Marso was great - she made me feel comfortable and was really educated on the areas she helped me with. I’m so happy with the results and am definitely going back to her!

A.W. Google

Excellent service all around at Body+Beauty lab but I have to say that Jacqueline is so impressive and such an expert. She is all about what works for each person based on very small nuances and the results are very subtle and very natural! Also, she is kind and fun and makes the whole experience enjoyable.

K.V. Google

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about B&BL: friendly staff, clean and beautiful space, well trained, educated & experienced technicians. I see Jacqueline C. and I trust her completely. She is a beauty wizard and knew exactly what would be best for me. Super sweet too :) Thank you Jac!

J.F. Google

I see both Judy Kim for skincare needs and Jacqueline for injectables. Judy is so great and treated me 3 times with Moxi laser for my light melasma and has also given me a hydrafacial after the pigmentation flakes off. Just is so attentive and treats every part of my face individually and even had me come back for touches up when we didn’t see a huge improvement in certain areas. Jacqueline is one of the best injectors I’ve EVER seen and I’ve been to 5 different med spas over the years. She treats me like an individual patient not based on my age. I appreciate her honesty and approach so much I value everything she says and she will never over treat you but I love how she gives you options on everything you could do as well and does it kindly!

J.G. Google


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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Dysport?

Dysport is a good choice if you're seeking a nonsurgical option to improve mild, moderate, or severe vertical glabellar (frown) lines that appear between the eyebrows. Because dynamic wrinkles and lines form when the facial muscles are used, they can even become visible in younger patients and make them appear tired, mad, or sad. Dysport is an effective, fast treatment that addresses dynamic wrinkles without leaving a "frozen" appearance. Because this formula expands to reach a wide surface area, it's also great for Crow's feet, or the small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. Many patients at Body+Beauty Lab notice visible improvements in their appearance 1 – 3 days following their procedure that can last as long as four months.

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How does Dysport work?

Dysport injections are administered in one of our private treatment rooms following your consultation with your injector. This service can last anywhere around 15 – 30 minutes. A local anesthetic or numbing cream is generally unnecessary because Dysport is injected with a fine needle, which results in little pain. However, a topical cream can be applied if requested. The treatment area will be cleaned and five injections will be expertly placed across the eyebrows, followed by a cold compress to lessen bruising and swelling. After receiving your injections at Body+Beauty Lab, you can resume your daily routine, but you should avoid strenuous activities for at least one day.

What can i Expect after dysport?

Following a Dysport session, you may see light redness and swelling at and around the injected area, but this will generally disappear within a few days. You should sleep propped up for at least one night, and you may be advised to apply cold compresses as needed to reduce swelling. The improvements gained from your treatment can be noticeable in 1 – 3 days as the severity of your dynamic wrinkles is minimized for a softer, smoother appearance. Your results should last for around 3 – 4 months. Follow-up injections may be done at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA to maintain your youthful results.

How much does Dysport cost?

The total cost for your service will depend on how much of the product is required to complete your treatment. During your initial consultation, your medical injector will develop your unique treatment plan. Following this, we will be able to accurately estimate your costs. To save on other popular, nonsurgical treatments at our office, ask about joining our VIP membership for exclusive access to discounts and special offers. To cover the cost of your procedure, our Philadelphia, PA medical spas accept a variety of payments.

What's the difference between Dysport and BOTOX?

Many patients do not understand the different uses for wrinkle relaxers and fillers. A wrinkle relaxer addresses dynamic wrinkles whereas a filler corrects static lines. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive motions, like laughing, smiling, frowning, and other expressions. Dysport relaxes the creased muscle under the skin to smooth the dynamic wrinkle. Static lines form due to decreased skin elasticity so the injection fills the area so it is even. During your appointment, your injector will ask about your concerns and goals to help you determine if a wrinkle relaxer, a filler, or both will deliver your desired outcome.

Can Dysport be combined with other treatments?

Body+Beauty Lab performs a number of aesthetic treatments that can be added to boost your Dysport results. Based on your areas of concern and wants, your personalized plan might include Dysport, a filler for static lines or volume in your cheeks and lips, and a skin treatment. We encourage you to be open during your consultation so we can craft a plan that provides you with an outcome you love.

How often should I get Dysport injections?

Dysport injection results can last for as long as four months. During your initial consultation, your injector will suggest how often you should get injections at our offices in Philadelphia, PA to sustain your results. You might want to schedule injections sooner or further apart once you know how Dysport works on your wrinkles.

If you're seeking a nonsurgical alternative to revitalize your appearance and improve dynamic wrinkles, consider Dysport wrinkle relaxer injections. You can learn more about this thrilling treatment during your one-on-one consultation with one of our skilled medical injectors. At Body+Beauty Lab, a member of our team will develop a customized plan to meet your cosmetic goals. We encourage women and men all across the greater Philadelphia, PA areas to begin their aesthetic journey by scheduling a consultation at our office.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.