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Hair Removal FAQ: How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

By: Beauty Coordinators


If you are tired of frequently waxing or shaving to keep your body smooth and hair-free, laser hair removal may be right for you. As one of the most common cosmetic treatments in the U.S., laser hair removal is a long-term option that leaves the skin smoother and softer when compared to other alternatives. At Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA, our team of beauty experts uses the latest and most advanced laser techniques in the industry.

Reducing hair follicle growth through laser treatment is a safe and effective process that is suitable for many patients. Men and women alike can experience hair removal on areas such as the face, arms, underarms, chest, legs, bikini area, and back. During your initial consultation, the technicians at Body+Beauty Lab will discuss your needs and concerns so we can determine if laser hair removal is right for you. Learn more by scheduling your appointment today.

What happens during laser hair removal?

To begin the appointment, a skilled technician will clean the target areas to eliminate dirt and oil. Our advanced laser system focuses on the follicles to stop the hair from growing back. Patients typically require 3 – 5 treatments over a period of 3 – 4 weeks to see ideal results. Appointments are staggered to give the follicles a chance to reach a phase of active growth so the laser can be more effective.

With many laser systems available on the market, Body+Beauty Lab only uses the cutting-edge elos Plus® or Nordlys™ laser by Candela, depending on the patient's skin type. Before performing laser hair removal, we will ensure you are a good candidate for treatment. Fortunately, our technology works on most hair colors and types. To help patients achieve their ideal look, we use a detailed assessment to create a plan that suits their individual needs. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal include individuals who:

  • Possess unwanted hair growth on areas of the face and body

  • Have sensitive skin and experience irritation from frequent waxing and shaving

  • Want to treat or prevent ingrown hairs

What are some of the side effects of laser hair removal?

According to clients who have been waxing for years, laser hair removal is far more comfortable in comparison. Getting laser hair removal may feel similar to an elastic band snapping on the skin, and many patients agree that life without having to shave is well worth the temporary discomfort. Patients can expect some side effects of laser hair removal. The treated skin may feel sensitive or slightly irritated after the appointment. These common side effects should dissipate within 48 hours of treatment.

After your treatment, you will be able to return to daily activities as normal, but try to avoid exercise for at least a day to allow yourself time to recover. Protect the health and integrity of the skin by making sure the treated area stays out of direct sunlight or harmful UV rays for about two weeks. During this time, patients are permitted to shave their hair, but cannot wax or use tweezers. These potential issues and others will be discussed prior to your laser hair removal session.

Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?

Many of our patients have invested a significant amount of time and money in razors, waxing products, and depilatory hair removal creams. When they come to our hair removal medical spa in Philadelphia, PA, they want to know how long laser hair removal lasts, and if hair grows back after laser hair removal treatments. To answer these questions, it’s important to note that hair growth occurs in stages. This means that while some follicles are growing, others are resting. This is why individuals need several sessions of hair removal treatments in order to address body hair at every stage. The good news is that the laser treatments at Body+Beauty Lab are considered semi-permanent. Though some hair follicles may remain unaffected, they will be much easier to deal with in the long run than your previous amount of excess hair.

Ditch the razors and creams for good

The team at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA, can understand the frustration of frequently addressing excess body hair. Now you don’t have to invest in time-consuming or ineffective treatments. As one of the top cosmetic facilities in the area, we are proud to offer laser hair removal services using the latest equipment and technology in the industry.

If you are asking yourself questions such as “How long does laser hair removal last?” and “Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?”, our staff is here to help. Whether you want to get ready for a special occasion or desire smooth skin all year-round, our friendly expert staff is here to help. Schedule your first laser hair removal session today to learn more. Body+Beauty Lab also provides a range of cosmetic treatments such as facials, wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, chemical peels, and microneedling.

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