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How Can A Dermaplaning Facial Improve My Makeup Application?

By: Beauty Coordinators


Over time, the texture of our skin begins to change. Certain lifestyle habits and sun exposure also affect the appearance of our skin. While many cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance our complexion, many of them involve extensive surgery or injections. Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive way to boost your skin tone. It can even improve the way you apply makeup.

Are you looking to achieve a smooth facial skin texture? Contact Body+Beauty Lab to learn about our advanced dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia, PA. Our medical spa can review the process and explain the many other benefits involved.

How dermaplaning works

With dermaplaning, a thin scalpel gently scrapes the top layer of your skin. This makes it softer and smoother while addressing unwanted debris. We can address the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and other areas. When this skin is removed, your body begins to produce new cells and increase collagen and elastin production. Both proteins play an essential role in overall skin elasticity and softness.

Who should try dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is ideal for individuals who want to address rough or textured skin as well as peach fuzz on the face. It is also beneficial for acne-prone skin and scarring. However, you should avoid this treatment if you have a sunburn or active acne. Individuals with rosacea or naturally inflammatory skin should also inform our team before scheduling dermaplaning. We can perform a skin assessment and make sure this procedure is safe for you.

At Body+Beauty Lab, we can address common skin conditions, like:

  • Acne scars

  • Dull skin

  • Sun-damaged skin

  • Fine wrinkles

Wearing makeup after dermaplaning

Everyone has dead skin cells and peach fuzz on the face. This traps debris and oil on the surface of your skin and makes your complexion appear dull. Your makeup products may even build up and make your foundation look “caked” on. When you remove the textured areas and peach fuzz, makeup and other cosmetics go on a lot smoother.

In addition to improving makeup after dermaplaning, this treatment also makes skin care products more effective. Removing dead skin cells makes your skin more open to receiving serums and moisturizers. When these products absorb more easily into the skin, they become more effective.

What to expect after the procedure

Body+Beauty Lab can tell you what to expect after a dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia. While this treatment is nonsurgical, you should notice some slight redness and sensitivity in the area afterward. This should dissipate after a few hours. The great news is that you should see a smooth facial skin texture once these side effects go away. Ask our team how often to get follow-up treatments for the best outcomes.

Achieve a smooth facial skin texture

Dermaplaning treatments are a wonderful way to enhance your skin tone and texture. By removing peach fuzz on the face, you can get the younger-looking complexion you have always wanted. And because dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia, PA, is noninvasive, it is accessible to patients who are not interested in plastic surgery. You can get treatment whenever it is convenient for you. If you want to learn more, get in touch with the team at Body+Beauty Lab. We can schedule a skin care consultation today.

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