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How Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Alter the Shape of My Nose?

By: Beauty Coordinators


Someone may choose rhinoplasty for a number of different reasons. While minor flaws are common, a disproportionate nose or nose asymmetry can be distracting from your other features. Of course, not everyone is interested in invasive plastic surgery. Those who want a nonsurgical solution can get a liquid rhinoplasty in Philadelphia, PA. Body+Beauty Lab uses advanced dermal fillers to reshape your nose and produce pleasing results.

So, what is liquid rhinoplasty, and how does the process work? You can discover the benefits of treatment by reading below and scheduling an assessment at Body+Beauty Lab. Our medical spa is excited to start the process with you.

What is liquid rhinoplasty?

As you may know, traditional rhinoplasty surgery involves changing the overall shape of your nose. It is sometimes recommended for people with breathing problems or a broken nose. Incisions are involved during the process, and patients are asked to undergo general anesthesia and a long recovery process. Even with the success and popularity of rhinoplasty, you may be hesitant about undergoing plastic surgery.

So, what is liquid rhinoplasty? Body+Beauty Lab uses a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler to reshape your nose. Our dermal fillers can easily correct a minor deformity, bump, or even small cases of nose asymmetry. Our medical injectors use Restylane® that lasts between 6 – 12 months. We can discuss whether liquid rhinoplasty in Philadelphia will meet your needs and how often you should seek treatment when you visit our office.

Who should get liquid rhinoplasty?

Candidates for nonsurgical rhinoplasty are men and women who are not satisfied with the appearance or shape of their noses. Treatments are also an excellent option for those who do not have the time or resources for traditional rhinoplasty surgery. Keep in mind, however, that liquid rhinoplasty does not help individuals with breathing problems due to a broken nose or deviated septum.

Benefits of liquid rhinoplasty

The great news is that your liquid rhinoplasty can be performed on the same day as your consultation. Learn about the many other benefits of treatment here:

  • Almost instant results: As we mentioned, it takes time to heal from conventional surgery. Many people don’t see their final results until a year later, due to swelling and similar side effects. In contrast, nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a simple outpatient treatment. You can even schedule an appointment during your lunch break! Your new results will be seen almost immediately afterward.

  • Less risk: All cosmetic procedures come with risks. However, injectables like Restylane come with far fewer risks and potential complications than rhinoplasty surgery. Be sure to speak with your injector about the details in our office.

  • More control: Patients remain awake during their liquid rhinoplasty. Body+Beauty Lab allows patients to see their outcomes and make small adjustments as necessary. Results can even be reversed by injecting a special enzyme that quickly dissolves the hyaluronic acid.

Reshape your nose without surgery!

Do issues like nose asymmetry make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious? Injectable dermal fillers can accomplish your cosmetic goals with just one simple session. Schedule a liquid rhinoplasty in Philadelphia, PA by calling a friendly member of our team at Body+Beauty Lab. Discover our treatment options and achieve your ideal nose without invasive surgery.

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