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How Long Can JUVÉDERM® Last In the Lips?

By: Beauty Coordinators


JUVÉDERM is one of the most exciting dermal fillers you can use for your face to reduce the signs of aging. One popular application for JUVÉDERM is in the lips, as it creates a fuller and more even look. Our team at the Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia and Radnor, PA is proud to offer JUVÉDERM as an aesthetic solution for your lips.

What to expect from JUVEDERM

We specifically use the JUVEDERM VOLBELLA™ and Ultra XC fillers for the lips, as it helps reshape the lower and upper lips. We will directly inject the gel into and around the lip tissues with an ultra-fine needle. You’ll require a full exam beforehand for us to review where the injections will occur.

The JUVEDERM VOLBELLA injection helps plump the lips in spots that appear thin, producing a full look that adds further texture. It also smoothes the lines around the mouth to keep them from being as visible. The Ultra XC filler will also add volume to facial tissues to create a fuller appearance.

Lidocaine gel also works in the treatment process to reduce the sensitivity of the impacted area. The gel treatment reduces the pain you may feel, providing a more comfortable experience during your session.

The process is safe for your body and does not trigger many side effects. Some patients may notice redness or tenderness in the injection site for about 1 – 2 weeks afterward. Firmness and bruising can also occur, although not all patients experience these issues.

The JUVEDERM collection also offers additional fillers for other areas on the face, including JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ and XC for help with deeper wrinkles and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ for the mid-face. The experts at Body+Beauty Lab are experienced with JUVEDERM’s products and can help you find the right filler for you in Radnor or Philadelphia.

How long does JUVEDERM last in the lips?

Results from your JUVEDERM injections usually last between 6 – 12 months. You may require a maintenance treatment about six months afterward to restore the lips’ appearance. Each patient is different and will require unique help as necessary, so be sure to review how well your lips respond to the treatment.

Get long-lasting results for fuller lips with JUVEDERM

JUVEDERM injections for your lips can help restore their distinct shapes and give you the appearance you deserve. Contact our team at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia or Radnor, PA today to learn more about the JUVEDERM collection and how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. You can visit our office on Chestnut Street in downtown Philadelphia near the 8th Street subway station or our Radnor office west of the Villanova campus today. You can also schedule a visit with us online.

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