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Is Dermaplaning the Same as Shaving?

By: Beauty Coordinators


You may have considered dermaplaning in the past. This skin rejuvenation treatment involves exfoliating the face with a special medical-grade blade. At Body+Beauty Lab, many of our patients love addressing common skin issues, like unwanted peach fuzz and rough skin texture, through this fast and simple procedure.

So, how is dermaplaning different from shaving? Although the concept is similar to shaving, a dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia, PA offers far more skin care benefits. Compare dermaplaning vs shaving below and learn about the process by calling our medical spa. We can schedule a skin assessment and make recommendations based on your needs.

Dermaplaning explained

Dermaplaning encourages skin renewal and leaves your face looking more refreshed and youthful. It mainly involves scraping the skin with a small and sterile blade. Patients usually relax in a comfortable treatment room while the procedure is performed. Even though it is most known for shaving away peach fuzz and small hairs all over the face, dermaplaning also scrapes away dead skin cells. This allows new skin cells to form.

How is dermaplaning different from shaving?

Most people are used to shaving with a manual razor at home. So, how is dermaplaning different from shaving? Even though razors do remove excess facial hair, dermaplaning takes things a step farther. It provides aggressive exfoliation to also remove dead skin cells. Dermaplaning actually forces the skin to regenerate, which can address problems like fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Unlike shaving, dermaplaning is a precise process that involves a very sharp medical-grade blade. For this reason, patients should not attempt to perform dermaplaning at home. If you are considering treatment, it is important to seek counsel from an experienced professional at Body+Beauty Lab. We have performed safe and successful dermaplaning procedures for patients in our office.

The benefits of dermaplaning vs shaving

Dermaplaning clears all hair from your face, including the parts you may not have considered shaving with a razor. This includes the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin for completely uniform results. Since dermaplaning requires one blade instead of several, there is less risk of skin irritation after treatment.

A dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia, PA can improve your overall complexion in a number of ways. Many people notice smoother, supple skin with a brighter tone. Issues like rough texture and age spots are also reduced. The staff at Body+Beauty Lab can schedule future appointments if you have specific skin problems you want to address.

With dermaplaning, your home skin care routine will also become more effective. This is because your skin will be free from fine hairs, dead cells, and other minor imperfections. When the pores are opened up, your skin will be more receptive to serums, moisturizers, and other products as they are applied.

Achieve smoother, younger-looking skin

We believe there is no comparison when it comes to dermaplaning vs shaving. Dermaplaning offers so many more benefits than using a traditional razor at home. A dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia, PA not only removes facial hair but also rejuvenates your entire face. Are you interested in finding out if dermaplaning could be right for you? Call Body+Beauty Lab to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation and ask about your options.

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