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The Dos and Don'ts After A Dermaplaning Facial

By: Beauty Coordinators


The sign of a youthful appearance is bright, glowing skin. Many people try over-the-counter products, like serums and scrubs, but they can only do so much. But before you consider invasive plastic surgery, try dermaplaning. Body+Beauty Lab proudly offers this exfoliation treatment at our medical spa.

Are you ready for smoother skin and a renewed complexion? If you are not sure how the dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia works, we put together a simple list of guidelines to follow below. Our trained staff is happy to address any concerns you may have about dermaplaning recovery, aftercare, and more.

What to expect from a dermaplaning facial

Dermaplaning is a safe procedure that is designed to exfoliate the top layers of your skin. During treatment, Body+Beauty Lab uses a sharp blade to skim your face gently. While this process can sound intimidating, dermaplaning safely removes peach fuzz and dead cells to leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Removal of fine facial hair is a benefit because excess oil and debris become trapped on the hair and make your skin appear dull. After dermaplaning, your current skin care products become more effective than before. Your body will even produce new collagen in the area in response to the treatment, which can correct some minor signs of aging.

Results of dermaplaning include:

  • Improves textured skin

  • Removes fine facial hair and peach fuzz

  • Enhance the effectiveness of other skin treatments

  • Reduces signs of aging

Dermaplaning recovery

Since no incisions or anesthetics are required, no downtime is needed after dermaplaning. Patients can return to their day as normal. However, you may notice mild redness and irritation that lasts for about 24 hours. When you meet with our qualified experts, we can discuss how aftercare for dermaplaning works.

Most people choose dermaplaning because it removes extra peach fuzz and dull skin cells. This means you can notice some improvements almost immediately after your appointment. Your complexion will only continue to get better as new collagen production plumps and enhances your skin.

Patients should take care of their skin during the short recovery process to ensure the best outcomes. This includes moisturizing your skin and wearing sunscreen when spending any amount of time outside. You can also schedule add-on treatments at Body+Beauty Lab to achieve more dramatic improvements.

What to avoid after dermaplaning

As we mentioned, your skin will feel sensitive and vulnerable right after a dermaplaning facial. Follow these post-treatment guidelines to avoid damaging your skin and extending your dermaplaning recovery:

  • Avoid sun exposure and extreme heat

  • Do not use scrubs or other exfoliators

  • Avoid chlorine and swimming pools

  • Apply serums and moisturizers

  • Use sunscreen when going outside

Schedule a dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia

Dermaplaning is a great way to enhance your skin tone without turning to plastic surgery. Choosing a highly qualified professional is the best way to start. Body+Beauty Lab can show you a portfolio of before and after photos, so you can see your potential results. If you would like to schedule a rejuvenating dermaplaning facial in Philadelphia or a virtual consultation, contact a member of our team today. We can determine if this skin treatment is right for you.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.