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Want to Add Volume to Your Lips? How Lip Injections Can Help

By: Beauty Coordinators


Anyone can have plump, beautiful, sexier lips with the enhancement help of injectable fillers. Lip fillers, or dermal fillers, are a quick and easy way to get instant results to one of the most prominent parts of your face. This rather simple, straightforward procedure is a cosmetic staple for millions of women across the country and in the Philadelphia area. Individuals who are wanting fuller lips can turn to the professional staff at Body+Beauty Lab to give them the lip service that they need.

Located in City Center, Philadelphia, PA, Body+Beauty Lab is one of the leading medical treatment and spa centers in the Philadelphia area. Its exceptional spa atmosphere offers patients the latest in cosmetic treatments for the body, skin, and face. Their wide range of nonsurgical procedures like dermal fillers provides patients with excellent treatment options provided by experienced plastic surgeons, physicians, nurses, and medical estheticians. Dermal fillers, particularly lip injections, are one of the most popular treatments provided by Body+Beauty Lab. Here is information on what lip fillers actually do and how Body+Beauty Lab can help.

The dermal solution

Dermal fillers offer a safe, non-permanent solution to augmenting your lips in order to obtain a "fuller" appearance. Dermal fillers like Juvederm Volbella & Ultra XC can add shape and fullness to the lower, upper or both lips at the same time. It is a great way for patients in the Philadelphia area to experiment with how full they want their lips to be. But the first question to always ask before plumping up your lips with dermal fillers is "how big do you want them to be?".

Understand what you want

The professional staff at Body+Beauty Lab have performed countless lip injection procedures. During your consultation, you can express your aesthetic goal for your lips while getting their professional opinion on what is a realistic amount of filler to obtain the results you want. Before your consultation, you might want to ask yourself: How big do I want my lips to be? Do I want them to be slightly enhanced, so they look more natural? Or do I want a dramatic change? Do I want to do just my upper lip or both the upper and lower? The experienced staff at Body+Beauty Lab will assess your lips, consider your facial structure, and determine what type and amount of filler will give you the best results.

Adding the right amount

Patients in the Philadelphia area who are wanting to explore adding more volume to their lips as well as removing pesky wrinkles like perioral lines around the lip area are usually wary of overdoing the volume. Most women want natural-looking results so qualified professionals, like the ones at Body+Beauty Lab, will slowly add in the filler to achieve just the right amount of lip volume each patient may need. Also, be aware that different fillers offer different results. Body+Beauty Lab offers several different types of lip fillers and they will make sure you get the right combination to fit your specific lip plumping needs.

Juvederm Volbella & Ultra XC: adds shape and volume to either the upper, lower, or both lips.

Restylane Silk: adds fullness to the lips and fills in perioral or vertical lines.

Radiesse: can fill in and improve the fine lines that form around the edges of the lips.

Belotero Balance: repairs fine lines specifically perioral lines or vertical lines around the lips.

The lip filler difference

Dermal fillers can be the answer to providing Philadelphia area patients with fuller, sexier lips without invasive surgical augmentation. Even though the results are temporary, most patients can usually enjoy their new plumper, full lips for 6 months to a year depending on the formula that was used to achieve their new look. The experts at Body+Beauty Lab will ensure that you have the right combination to optimize your results but will factor in that everyone metabolizes dermal fillers differently. Your first procedure will be a test run to see how the body reacts. The professional staff at Body+Beauty Lab will then make adjustments if needed at your next visit to give you the best-looking lips so they will last even longer.

Lip injections are an excellent, nonsurgical solution to enhancing your lips. If you have thin lips, lips that lack volume due to age, or pesky wrinkles that have settled in, then lip injections may be the remedy. Your lips can look sexy while at the same time still look natural. Throw away that lip liner or over the counter lip plumping lip gloss and get amazing results with dermal fillers for your lips. Adding lip injections to your cosmetic regime with the assistance of the professionals at Body+Beauty Lab can help you love the way your lips look. If you are ready for fuller, sexier lips, call and schedule your lip filler appointment at Body+Beauty Lab in Center City, Philadelphia, PA today.

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