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What is CoolSculpting® and How Does It Work?

By: Beauty Coordinators


Having a slimmer body is one of the most common cosmetic goals for men and women alike. Real weight loss takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes traditional methods such as diet and exercise do not work on certain problem areas. To solve these issues and more, Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA, offers exceptional treatments for the body like CoolSculpting at our advanced medical spa. 

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical procedure that eliminates fat cells with cooling technology. It utilizes a technique that applies regulated cooling, called cryolipolysis, to freeze fat cells. The cells are then expelled from the body through natural processes, which ultimately results in a thinner silhouette. This procedure typically provides the best results for patients looking to reduce trouble spots, rather than make a drastic change. The skilled team at Body+Beauty Lab is proud to offer this advanced treatment to Philadelphia-area patients. To learn more and schedule a CoolSculpting session, contact a member of our team today. 

Does CoolSculpting work? 

Are you ready to slim down and eliminate stubborn pockets of fat? CoolSculpting reduces the number of fat cells in a specific area during one or more sessions at our medical spa. This helps you achieve a more contoured body you’ll want to show off. Body+Beauty Lab helps patients look and feel better than when they arrived. Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting include individuals who: 

  • Are at or near their goal weight
  • Struggle with areas that don't respond to diet and exercise 
  • Are not candidates for other fat removal treatments 
  • Have realistic goals for the outcome of their procedure

If you are wondering “Does CoolSculpting work?” or “What areas can be treated?”, simply reach out to our office. Our Philadelphia, PA, medical spa will help you learn whether you are a candidate. At your custom consultation, we will give you realistic expectations about your procedure. 

Is CoolSculpting safe? 

CoolSculpting is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to address visible fat in the abdomen and flanks, thighs, underneath the buttocks, and other areas. Though it is not a weight-loss treatment, it is FDA-cleared to treat lax tissue. Patients may require one session or several based on the desired outcome and the amount of fat being addressed. Body+Beauty Lab will let you know how many CoolSculpting sessions will work best for your body. And yes, it is safe for getting the slimmer results you want! 

Since CoolSculpting is noninvasive, most patients can return to their day as normal following their session. With this nonsurgical treatment, there is no need for a recovery period or extensive downtime. You may notice some swelling and discoloration after your appointment, which should subside after several days. Other side effects include stinging and redness at the treated sites. If you experience side effects from the procedure that seem unusual or continue for longer than a week, feel free to contact the staff at Body+Beauty Lab for assistance. 

The process of CoolSculpting is very effective. Not only that, CoolSculpting is relatively fast and can work within your busy schedule. When you arrive for your session at Body+Beauty Lab, we use a gel pad and the CoolSculpting handpiece on the treatment area, which activates the cryolipolysis. The cooling technology is designed to target and paralyze the fat. You may feel a cold sensation, but this does not normally cause discomfort or pain. At Body+Beauty Lab, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable during your session. 

Will the fat cells grow back? 

You may be excited to see your results right away, but it is important to be patient during this time. The CoolSculpting treatment gives natural-looking contours that reveal themselves gradually. You can enjoy your most optimal results about 1 – 3 months after the sessions have been completed. 

Though the fat cells will not come back, patients should understand that it is possible for new fat cells to form. This is why it is essential to maintain your current weight since weight gain could influence your final results. We recommend a regular diet and exercise regimen as outlined by a primary care physician or professional dietician. At Body+Beauty Lab, most of our patients are able to keep up their results by taking care of their figures safely and consistently. 

CoolSculpting a better body 

Pockets of fat in the abdomen, flanks, or thighs may be preventing you from having the figure you want. With recent advances in cosmetic technology, Body+Beauty Lab is excited to offer this effective fat-reducing procedure throughout the Greater Philadelphia, PA, area. Schedule a private appointment with a member of our aesthetic team to learn more about CoolSculpting. We will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns. 

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