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When Can You Chew Gum Again After A Masseter Injection?

By: Beauty Coordinators


A strong jawline is an appealing characteristic for some people. Whether due to genetics or lifestyle factors, the jaw can become a prominent feature and greatly impact the way you look. If you have an enlarged jawline, this may be related to the masseter muscle, which protects and surrounds the jawbone. Patients who want to reduce the size of their jaw without surgery can receive BOTOX® as an effective treatment option.

Have you heard about BOTOX masseter injections? And what activities should you avoid during the recovery process? If you want to learn how BOTOX for jawline slimming works, contact Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA. We can review the process and let you know when to chew gum again following your procedure.

What causes an enlarged jaw?

The masseter muscle is primarily used for movements like speaking and chewing. Just like any other muscle, the masseter will become stronger and more prominent when exercised regularly. If you engage in activities that work out this muscle, it may increase in size. This means people who chew gum or ice may eventually notice an enlarged jaw. Additionally, stress-related behavior, such as teeth grinding, can cause it to widen.

BOTOX for jawline slimming

Most people think BOTOX is a treatment for wrinkle removal. While this fact is true, BOTOX can also improve the areas that are susceptible to muscle overexertion. BOTOX masseter injections are the perfect way to shrink the jaw without the use of extensive plastic surgery. Not only that, but recovery from BOTOX injections is easier and far simpler than other procedures. BOTOX for jawline slimming can:

  • Add symmetry and improve facial proportions

  • Change your facial shape without invasive techniques

  • Create an oval jawline as opposed to a square one

  • Target the masseter muscle responsible for jaw enlargement

Recovery from BOTOX injections

BOTOX procedures are performed at Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA. Injections are administered in just minutes, making it an easy treatment that fits into your daily routine. BOTOX also takes place without the need for incisions or general anesthesia. Our professionals hold consultations that allow us to build a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs and goals. We hope to provide results that give you slimmer and natural proportions.

During recovery from BOTOX injections, we encourage you to make lifestyle changes that prevent further muscle enlargement. Reducing stimulation to the masseter muscle will keep your results looking great on a long-term basis. This means decreasing gum chewing as much as possible. We also recommend waiting at least several weeks after BOTOX treatment to start chewing gum again. Keep in mind that these injections are not permanent and may need to be re-administered in the future.

Get BOTOX masseter injections

BOTOX injections reduce the size of the masseter muscle so you can have a slimmer face. Patients who receive BOTOX at Body+Beauty Lab are excited to enjoy an appealing and elegant appearance after suffering from an enlarged jawline. If you would like information about what BOTOX can do, reach out for a consultation in Philadelphia, PA. Our medical spa is proud to offer a range of options to make you feel more confident.

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