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Where is BOTOX® Injected to Make the Face Look Slimmer?

By: Beauty Coordinators


Many men and women look in the mirror and see imperfections they want to change. These problem areas are often quite small and don’t require traditional plastic surgery. If you have a jawline that appears just a little too square or masculine, this may be the result of an enlarged masseter muscle. Body+Beauty Lab can improve your cosmetic appearance through nonsurgical and noninvasive BOTOX.

Are you ready for a slimmer face? Ask about BOTOX facial slimming at our clinic during a private consultation. Our specialists expertly perform this advanced treatment at our medical spa in Philadelphia, PA.

What is the masseter muscle?

The masseter muscle is located on both sides of your jaw. They are the main muscles involved with chewing and biting down. Chronic chewing or grinding your teeth can cause the masseter muscles to increase. As a result, people gradually notice a too-wide jawline that makes their faces appear square. The size of the masseter muscle can be caused by the following:

  • Teeth grinding

  • Excessive chewing

  • Chewing on only one side of your mouth

About BOTOX facial slimming

You probably already know how BOTOX works for fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX injectables relax the facial muscles that create expressions like frowning and smiling. A similar effect occurs when injections are administered into the masseter muscles. The muscles in the jawline relax and then eventually shrink, taking on a more v-shaped appearance.

Everyone has a unique face shape. Classic shapes, like heart, round, and oval, can look attractive to different people. A square jawline can interfere with your natural beauty and affect your self-confidence. If this sounds familiar, patients can use BOTOX to slim cheeks and alter the shape and definition of their face.

The best part about jawline slimming with BOTOX is that no surgery is required, and injections can be performed in just a few minutes. There is no discomfort involved and very little downtime. In fact, many of our patients in Philadelphia, PA schedule BOTOX during their lunch break at work.

Results of jawline slimming with BOTOX

Some minor side effects from BOTOX include slight redness and tenderness in the treatment area. This is normal and should subside before the end of the day. We may ask that you avoid massaging the masseter muscle and sleep upright that night to prevent swelling. It may take several weeks for this treatment to create visible results.

Over time, you should notice your face take on a natural and slimmer v-shaped appearance. Our patients love using BOTOX to slim cheeks and more! Because BOTOX injections are temporary, patients need to get regular appointments at Body+Beauty Lab. Our talented team can discuss options with you beforehand and when to return for future jawline slimming with BOTOX.

Using BOTOX to slim cheeks and more

As we mentioned, having a square jawline can interfere with your self-esteem and overall look. There is no doubt that BOTOX facial slimming is one of the best treatments offered at Body+Beauty Lab. Contact us to get a BOTOX assessment and learn whether masseter injections are right for you. Our specialists are proud to offer this advanced procedure in Philadelphia, PA.

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