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Winter Skincare Do's + Dont's

By: Licensed Estheticians


Winter Skincare Dos and Don’ts
By Sandi Golas

We’ve all been there. Your skin is hydrated and happy in the spring and summer months and the late fall/winter comes and your skin is dry, dehydrated, flaky and red.  What happened to your skin?!  A few things might be contributing to this change.  During the cooler months when we turn our heaters on in the house and the car it drops the humidity and allows water to more easily escape out of that healthy hydrated skin barrier.  One way to help is with a humidifier in your home.  This will keep moisture in the air, which will reduce the dryness in your skin, hair, eyes and nose.  Another way to help keep your skin hydrated is to avoid a super hot shower and if you must take a hot shower, avoid putting your face directly in the water stream. Wash your face in the sink with a cooler temperature water.  After your shower when applying products make sure to apply a hyaluronic acid (Body+Beauty Lab Hydrasmooth Moisture Base) as well as a thicker moisturizer (Alastin Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer available online at the Body+Beauty Lab store). You may also not want to exfoliate quite as much or switch from a glycolic acid to a lighter lactic acid. The PCA Skin Nutrient Toner is a great option which has pumpkin to exfoliate and renew the skin.  A Hydrafacial with dermaplaning (Dermasleek) is a great in office treatment to slough off dead skin cells and hydrate the skin.  The new Juvederm SkinVive available at Body + Beauty Lab is the first and only FDA approved hyaluronic acid injectable which increases hydration to improve skin smoothness and provide a long lasting glow.  

More About Sandi Golas:

Sandi has had a lifelong passion for aesthetics and skincare. She began her career path as a gifted makeup artist before making a full-time commitment to a career in aesthetics. Having acne issues herself as a teen, she understands skin concerns and loves sharing her knowledge to help patients feel their best! Her greatest professional gratification comes from helping patients conquer his or her skincare challenges, no matter how complex.

Sandi lives in Warminster, PA with her husband Pat and their two cats. They enjoy spending their free time traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and tasting new foods. Sandi loves to meet and connect with new people and would love to help you achieve all your skincare and aesthetic needs to make you glow!

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