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You Got Too Much Filler - Now What?

By: Medical Injectors


You Got Too Much Filler - Now What?
By Medical Injector Anya Bado, RN CANS

So you got filler…ALOT of it. Now what?

One of the advantages of the hyaluronic acid fillers used in the face is our access to a reversal agent, hyaluronidase.

As you have seen from the most recent red carpet at the Grammys (Madonna whattt???), there has been a lot of overfilling over the past few years and even celebrities aren’t exempt. The trend towards natural filler results has thankfully re-emerged following years of overfilling and numerous requests for extra plump lips and snatched jawlines. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for dermal fillers in any anti-aging regimen, but being tasteful and natural does NOT mean filling every 6 months. We now know that fillers can last MUCH longer than previously thought (a recent colleague reported filler seen on her MRI almost 20 years later!) and maintaining results requires less product than we were “taught.”

But let’s say you followed the trends, now what? Are you forever stuck with pillowy cheeks and sausage lips? Let’s talk hyaluronidase, or by brand name, Hylenex. This enzyme breaks down HA chains allowing them to be absorbed into the body resulting in their removal through your lymphatic system. While we historically have reserved hylenex for emergency situations su chin as vascular occlusions or lumps and bumps that cannot be massaged, there’s been an uptick in use for essentially “starting over,” after years of overfilling.

Dissolving ones filler takes time and patience, as multiple treatments can be expected to return to a baseline appropriate for assessment and possible retreatment.  A small amount of hylenex is injected into full areas, massaged and then…we wait. It can take up to about 3 days for the full results of one treatment and sometimes the result can be quite shocking, think tiny lips where they were full or cheeks with no contour. This part of the process is absolutely necessary to allow your provider to evaluate where volume needs to be replaced and choose an appropriate filler product.

Bottom line? When your injector recommends waiting or hesitates despite your insistence of filling an area, it’s not to hurt your feelings or be mean! It’s simply to keep you safe and manage your long term results. Let your provider assess your face as a whole and go for balance and harmony as opposed to chasing lines. Also- let your provider choose your product! There are nuances to each product and some work better in certain areas than others. Patterning and working together to help you achieve your aesthetic goals is the ideal scenario for any provider and can assist with minimizing future needs for dissolving.

Lastly, if none of this resonates no worries. Us providers are happy to make you happy, so let’s talk! If dissolving is necessary we will walk you through each step and reassure you during the process. Trust us! We WANT to help!

More Information About Anya:

As a registered nurse for over 14 years, Anya has constantly sought to combine her knowledge of medicine with her desire to create a warm, comforting environment for patients. This approach has allowed her to practice nursing in various specialties before landing in aesthetics and pursuing a career as a nurse injector.

As Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Anya has years of experience with various injectable agents, laser devices, microneedling, nonsurgical skin-tightening and medical grade skincare. Anya has worked alongside notable plastic surgeons as a nursing coordinator caring for surgical patients following cosmetic procedures, as well as educating patients and preparing them for their upcoming surgeries.

Proficient in advanced injection techniques and always seeking to learn and enhance her skills, Anya utilizes her artistic eye and passion for beauty to create natural, customized results for each individual. Set to begin her nurse practitioner program next year, Anya is constantly building her aesthetics portfolio, staying up to date with the latest industry treatments and protocols.

To schedule with Anya, please call (215)989-3500 or schedule online.

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