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CBS3 & Philadelphia Style Magazine - Features Best of Style Winner 3000BC

Let's Get Started


Speaker 1: Guys.

Speaker 2: Well, if you're looking to treat yourself or someone special, Philadelphia Style Magazine has you covered.

Speaker 3: Here with our top luxury lifestyle picks is Editor In Chief Kristin Detterline. Kristin, welcome. Always good to have you.

Kristin Detterl...: Hi.

Speaker 3: So let's start with home and floral.

Kristin Detterl...: Yeah, so our home category, of course we do furnishing, some interior design, but who doesn't love flowers, no matter what your interior design scheme is? We found these at Beautiful Blooms, located in Northern Liberties. And of course they do day-of arrangements, and they also do a ton of special events and weddings across the city. So this is one of their summer arrangements, but of course they'll do anything that you want.

Speaker 3: It's beautiful.

Speaker 2: Well, looking at the best of shopping accessories, you can't go wrong. So what do we have here?

Kristin Detterl...: Men's and women's. Men's watches are just, I love them, they're just amazing. So Bernie Robbins, of course, independently-owned retailer. They have a couple locations, they just opened in Atlantic City at the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Speaker 2: Oh, okay.

Kristin Detterl...: And of course they have their full range of offerings there, so this is just a selection of some of the watches that they have Tudor, Baume & Mercier, TAG Heuer, all of our favorites. And then for women's accessories, a little bit more fun and summer-ready. These are from Ellelauri, which is located on 19th Street. Contemporary women's wear, they also have... brand. If you're at the Shore, they're located in Avalon. And super secret insider tip, they also have an amazing shop in Horsham, where they offer specially-priced merchandise from Ellelaurie.

Speaker 2: Good to know.

Kristin Detterl...: Yeah.

Speaker 3: I love this scarf because it's perfect for the summer, it's lightweight.

Kristin Detterl...: Yeah, and spring and fall. You can kind of carry it over in between a couple seasons.

Speaker 3: Perfect. Okay, so let's talk about wellness and working out, and beauty.

Kristin Detterl...: Yes, our beauty category is big every year. So I brought three of my favorites because it's too hard to pick one. So 3000 BC, located in Center City, of course. They're doing all their fun laser and [Beautytack] services. These are some of their products. They're also offering their new celebrity Kim Kardashian-approved vampire facial, which is new and very exciting. And then in wellness, Megaformers, obviously a huge workout around the city. Sculpt360 is one of the first, it's independently owned. They're great over there, they have a brand new location in Marlton, New Jersey.

Speaker 3: Okay.

Kristin Detterl...: And then for salon Giovanni & Pileggi, well known in Philadelphia beauty, and they have a brand new 10-minute color processing treatment. 10 minutes.

Speaker 3: Quick and easy.

Speaker 2: Well, talk about 10 minutes, talking about food.

Kristin Detterl...: [crosstalk].

Speaker 2: I'm looking at the pasta, that's what has my attention over there.

Kristin Detterl...: This is from Scarpetta, our dining category is huge every year and of course we pick... This is one of my favorites, located on Rittenhouse, great scene, they have a lounge downstairs. Their pasta's amazing, this is their famous tomato and basil spaghetti, and they also do other seasonal offerings, and decadent things like duck and foie gras ravioli.

Speaker 2: Sounds good to me.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Definitely is a hotspot, Kristin [crosstalk].

Kristin Detterl...: It is.

Speaker 3: All right, you can find more ideas in the July, August issue of Philadelphia Style, on news stands right now.

Speaker 2: We'll be right back, stay with us.