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Live Demo of Desolving Lip Filler

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Speaker 1: Hey there. So today we're going to go ahead and inject our lovely patient, Leanne with just a little bit of Hylenex, which is hyaluronidase enzyme. It's going to dissolve any sort of a hyaluronic acid based filler. So Leanne in June had her lips done and she loves them and they look awesome, but she has been noticing, if you want to just point it out and zoom in here, we have just a little bit, if you tip back, the light can hit it, just a little teeny tiny bump.

So sometimes that can be a bleb of filler and you can actually pop it almost like you would a pimple and squeeze out the hyaluronic acid, or you can just inject just one or two units of Hylenex into that bleb, and it will actually dissolve it down so it'll be flat. So we've already kind of prepped this area for Leanne and we've got, you can see just a teeny, teeny, tiny little amount of Hylenex. We're going to have her go ahead and lean back, and I can see that area, and I'm just going to squeeze that little bleb up, and I'm going to shoot the Hylenex directly into the bleb. And it does burn a little bit. You doing all right?

Leanne: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Speaker 1: Okay. So that's pretty much it. It's very, very easy, but it's a really great way to kind of solve something that she's been bothered by for a couple months now.