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Speaker 1: Syneron Candela invites you to experience our new UltraShape Power. Discover a new gentle way to destroy fat. UltraShape Power is the first body contouring device and clinically proven to eliminate fat cells using selective focused post ultrasound unlike anything previously available. Treatments begin with your treatment provider applying gentle pulses inside the defined treatment area.

A painless ultrasound pulse is delivered gently into the fat layer. Fat cells are selectively targeted while blood vessels nerves and other surrounding tissue remain protected. UltraShape Power's unique technology allows problem areas of stubborn fat to be initially identified and treated for a truly customized procedure. Once fat cells are destroyed, their contents are eliminated by the body's natural mechanisms. Because there's no heat or freezing involved, UltraShape Power treatments are gentle and easy with no downtime. With UltraShape Power, you can enjoy a comfortable walk in and walk out treatment and resume your normal daily activities immediately post-treatment. Three treatments spaced two weeks apart. Make it happen at any age with UltraShape Power. Ask your treatment provider today. If UltraShape Power is right for you.