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A Day In The Life Of A Body+Beauty Lab Nurse Injector

By: Medical Injectors


Day in the Life of a Nurse Injector
by Medical Injector Anya Bado, RN, CANS

Let’s say it’s Saturday. It’s getting colder. Fun fact - I’m not a morning person.  This is why all of you who ask for early appointments cannot be accommodated(sorry!) I have created a life where nothing important starts before 10am- #sorrynotsorry

The FIRST THING I do when getting up is make sure the coffee is on. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful fiancé who usually sets the coffee maker for me, but let’s be honest- he does this selfishly as he knows that without it, I’m a grumpy, sarcastic grandma who side-eyes his every comment until I have my morning beverage. So just know that before I would ever dare show my face at the office I would come prepared (that’s the 32oz mug y’all see me sipping until about 1pm). I wear my favorite color every day, black. So nothing to think about here other than whether I wear Reebok high tops, checkered vans or purple danskos. And you know I like to switch it up (though I’ve rocked crocs and while I’m low key ashamed I’ll probably do it again)

Typically, I see about 10ish patients on a Saturday.  Not too busy, not too boring, but just about right to be honest. It’s a short day as I am usually done around 3. I TRY to arrive about 15 minutes early, 945ish, but I am definitely the coworker who texts you I’m walking down the block or parking when I should already be there…

When I walk in, I adjust the chair. Yes, the big white one you sit in. I like it at a slight angle so no one feels like they’re falling foreword. I sit in it to make sure it’s right lol

Then I unlock the injectables from the cabinets and refrigerator and arrange my work tray with syringes and gauze and alcohol pads. Oh I already know how neurotic I am.

I go over the days schedule and write out small notes for each person including previous treatments and dosages as well as any other notes we discussed before. That paper on the clipboard I scribble on all day? Those are all those notes I take in the morning to guide me through each appointment. I also add in shorthand notes for each person in case I can’t add everything into the electronic system right then.

Then I go take back my first patient. I take you back, have you get settled, take photos, discuss the plan for the appointment and go over consents and costs etc. Then I prep you. This is where I over share and tell you my scary hinge dating history, share my upcoming wedding details or complain about the costs of airfare. We commiserate together while I numb you and clean you, mark out my plan and gather my supplies. I do my best to calm your fears and make you laugh, be efficient and precise and as gentle as possible. I tell you what a good job you’re doing and offer you juice, ice and maybe a candy if I can find one. I show you how you look in the mirror if we’ve done some filler. I go over the aftercare and tell you to ask questions if you need to!

Ok so I’m gonna repeat this about 10 times today lol.

Probably around 12pm, my stomach is gonna start growling. I’m 3/4 of the way through my 32 oz coffee(which usually has caramel chobani creamer btw) and I need a snack. My go tos are the following; tarot bubble tea from Kung Fu Tea, Playa Bow l açaí bowl or cinnamon roll from High Street. (You’ll a lso see random grape prebiotic sodas lurking near the iPad as I seriously have a problem)

So if you happen to check in and see me running back through the back door with a purple cup, that’s my lunchtime bubble tea.

I continue on, maybe adding in some music at this point. Y’all know I complain about the vibey lounge music, turning it all the way down and often play my own. We go indie or old school rnb today, but honestly I do that mostly so that you have something to focus on while I’m injecting and good music seems to be an appropriate option.

Now we’re finishing up, it’s about 230-3pm and I’m probably taking back my last patient. I’m in rare form, joking about being excited to go home and take a shower and put on new pajamas. We talk about what takeout is best and maybe if there are any good horror movies on Prime . Everyone agrees, this is a great Saturday night.

Once everyone is checked out, I review my handwritten notes to make sure I documented correctly and included all the lot numbers of the products we used and any information on our next step for your future appointments.

Then I peace out. And I don’t even say goodbye to anyone I just leave. And they all know it. I love my coworkers! But catch me if you can - I’ll see you in 3-4 months! ??

More Information About Anya:

As a registered nurse for over 14 years, Anya has constantly sought to combine her knowledge of medicine with her desire to create a warm, comforting environment for patients. This approach has allowed her to practice nursing in various specialties before landing in aesthetics and pursuing a career as a nurse injector.

As Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Anya has years of experience with various injectable agents, laser devices, microneedling, nonsurgical skin-tightening and medical grade skincare. Anya has worked alongside notable plastic surgeons as a nursing coordinator caring for surgical patients following cosmetic procedures, as well as educating patients and preparing them for their upcoming surgeries.

Proficient in advanced injection techniques and always seeking to learn and enhance her skills, Anya utilizes her artistic eye and passion for beauty to create natural, customized results for each individual. Set to begin her nurse practitioner program next year, Anya is constantly building her aesthetics portfolio, staying up to date with the latest industry treatments and protocols.

To schedule an appointment with Anya, call (215)258-8301 or BOOK ONLINE 

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