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Botox vs Filler + The Importance of Asking Questions When You’re New :)

By: Medical Injectors


Botox vs Filler + The Importance of Asking Questions When You’re New :)
By Medical Injector Anya Bado, RN CANS

Over the years I’ve grown a diverse clientele which includes many first time injectable patients/clients. I’ve found that regardless of whether I have a 22 year old looking for reduced forehead lines or a 52 year old looking to reduce laxity on their jawline, the same concerns remain; Please don’t make me look weird!

I can completely empathize as I see all around me evidence of over injecting,(or poorly injecting!) causing even the most injection naive clients to notice something is off in the appearance of that person. We all have seen the friend that shows up to brunch with a new face, or a relative around the holidays who appears with lips that maybe should have stayed home! It is my job, and one I take most seriously, to give my clients natural results, especially when it’s their first time.

Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport, in general, won’t change how you look for the most part. They work on blocking the message your brain sends to a muscle to contract, in particular for forehead muscles and those around the eyes. This repetitive contraction contributes to the formation of set in lines in those areas, which is why we treat them to relax that muscle motion. If I can minimize your ability to constantly contract those muscles, I can keep those inevitable signs of aging from forming- or at least give them a real fight:) Effective neuromodulator treatments should result in a neutral, rested appearance. This is my primary goal for each of my clients.

Dermal fillers do exactly what they claim; they add volume and “fill” via a gel product which I treat similarly to any facial implant. I’m placing something very precisely in order to either enhance or correct some concern my client has. I want the product to 1) stay where I place it and 2) last for a significant duration as to maintain my client’s results for as long as possible. I do this through careful product selection and even more careful injection technique and placement choice. That being said, we are changing something, even if just slightly, with the administration of dermal fillers. The change in appearance with fillers is typically a bit more obvious than neuromodulators, at least initially, due to the higher likelihood of swelling and bruising. After full healing, correctly placed dermal fillers should refresh and restore while remaining undetectable. 

Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to bring up any concerns you might have, especially if you’re new. Most injectors are happy to explain all the science and rationale behind our “why”- I want you to be even more happy than you do! I personally try to make every clients experience as comfortable as possible, and the best way to facilitate that is through open and honest communication :)

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