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What Is EZGel And Why Do I Need To Book This Treatment Immediately?

By: Medical Injectors


What Is EzGel
by Medical Injector Anya Bado, RN, CANS

As 40 creeps up on me, (8 more months to be exact but who’s counting?) I find myself looking at aesthetic services differently than I did in the past.  While I always want to recommend results-driven treatments, I am also selfishly compiling services I personally want to a never ending list of anti-aging procedures. I now beg my co-injectors to PLEASE make room for me on the schedule. 

What’s next on my list you might ask?

Ez Gel PRF. (Now onto the science, so bear with me:)

I’ve been a fan of prp/prf for quite some time, as we offer this service for injections and skin health through collagen induction therapy (CIT). Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a form of regenerative medicine which takes the growth factors found in our blood and essentially gives them back to you to address concerns of aging in the skin.  PRP is made through a blood draw, a short spin in a centrifuge and then extracting of the “liquid gold” which is then used to stimulate collagen production and increase hyaluronic acid in the skin. This results in less fine lines and wrinkles, improved hollowness under the eyes, hydration and overall enhanced skin tone and texture.  Platelet Rich Fibrin, PRF, is a version of PRP but is longer lasting and has a higher concentration of platelets and slower release of growth factors which increases the results and longevity of each treatment.  I PRF injections mostly for the undereye area to improve darkness and hollowing as well as skin texture.  

 EZ Gel PRF takes PRF injections to the next level by utilizing a specific preparation of the blood collection tubes to produce a gel while also maximizing the amount of platelets to be injected.  This gel acts like a dermal filler which can be applied anywhere in the face- lips, smile lines, temples and undereyes, which results in smoother skin surface as well as natural volume in areas of deficit. 

(Deep breath, the science lesson is over)

So I’ve added Ez Gel to my list of must-have procedures before I turn the big 4-0.  I love the idea of creating my own “filler” from my own plasma to regenerate my skin. Im excited about the direction aesthetics and no surgical procedures is going- utilizing your own body and how it functions to “repair” and stimulate all the good things we know contribute to skin laxity and volume loss, tighteness and tone as well as thin skin and crepey texture. The results from EZ Gel are completely natural and come with minimal downtime, similar to a filler appointment but with the regenerative components of PRF. 

I personally was first in line for my treatment  (LOL) and am super excited to incorporate this into my current patient’s anti-aging plans.  As always, I promise to walk everyone through the first-time jitters and offer to crack countless jokes for free to pass the time :)

To schedule this treatment, call (215)258-8301

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